People at corporate & executive level try to improve consistently their corporations success and so they are all the time busy looking for better solutions und pushing for better time management and also seeking better human resource performance and employees are under constant pressure of better performance and competition amongst each other.

You possible find yourself at work in a similar situation day in and out and you wonder how to manage yourself in order to show best results or even keeping your job?

You might have heard of Yoga and its seemingly endless benefits on health & stress management and that’s why you might not be surprised that Yoga can also aid to boost your career and improved work performance and that is because Yoga is not only a physical workout but its one of the only disciplines that also focuses on elevating your mind & spirit.

Originally (and still to today) these techniques are actually meant for the purpose of developing a higher awareness which is of spiritual nature but it also elevates the awareness of what actually happens to oneself during stress – emotionally, physically, mentally and energetically which brings us also to why Yoga is such an amazing tool for stress management (check out this blog: >fill in may be<  “How Yoga reduces stress”)

Now how does it boost your career?

Increase Energy

Yoga can increase your energy resulting in a reduction of fatigue through practising postures (Yoga Asanas). Back bending postures like e.g. Cobra pose (or Bhujangasana see below) are stimulating the sympathetic nervous system which gives that energy boosting experience.


Reduces physical aches & pains

Yoga reduces physical aches, pain and other ailments as well as helps with pain management. Any physical problems from little aches and pains to more severe problems will affect your performance productivity no matter what you do or work, your mind is constantly engaged dealing with the problem rather then being 100% present to fulfil your working task. Yoga will help to relieve your ailments so you are on top of your wellbeing and your mind can be fully engaged with your working duties bringing better results.

Reduces Stress

Yoga is proven to reduce stress and stress symptoms. Learning to be in control over the body through holding challenging postures and meeting this situation with breath control (and this is only one aspect you learn with Yoga) is a powerful tool to encounter stress at work. Your body and breath awareness you have learned on the Yoga mat will help you to stay calm and collected during times of stress at work and helps you to make sound decisions even during the craziest times. Breath practises (Pranayama) stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and are also powerful in reducing your stress levels. All this results in a considerable reduction of getting sick caused by stress. Research suggests that 90% of all doctor visits are stress related. Yogic stress management serves the employee and the business equality and you will be recognized as a business asset which spends less time away sick.

Improved Concentration & Creativity

Another aspect of Yoga called Dhāranā which will precede to meditation (Dhyana) will lead to a powerful ability to concentrate and focus better. Visualisation practises during relaxation or the uninterrupted repetition of a word or sound will help to capture the mind and guide it without distraction. Improved creativity will develop from a steady mind.

The Yoga of action

Karma Yoga

Yoga offers very valuable scripts which are still if not even more relevant today then they ever were. Living in a world which is driven by money and more money and that’s why result orientated (good results more money) Yoga is teaching us to focus on the practise itself in the very present moment and surrender the results, its an interesting concept and difficult to bring in context with ones work life. Surrender the results doesn’t have to mean to give them away or brush them off as unimportant but keeping them in mind without being attached to it and having your main focus in the action of the task and surrender the pressure to achieve. One of the most important Scripts of Yoga is the ‘Bhagavad Gita’, it describes in Chapter 3 Verse 19 “Therefore, always perform unattached the deed to be done, for the man (purusha) performing action [while being] unattached attains the Supreme (Source Georg & Brenda Feuerstein The Bhagavad Gita – a new translation) You will find yourself scooping your skills from a much deeper place within you offering better ‘results’ (– but remember the tricky part of it is staying unattached to them )


You will work with more joy and naturally with happiness. You become a better working colleague.