What is Yoga?

The word Yoga comes from the old indian language Sanskrit and the word translated can mean “to yoke on”, a discipline you “yoke’ on to yourself to unite body mind and soul.

Yoga is a practical life philosophy which provides enhanced awareness, a healthier life and will bring as much depth to your life as you like to allow.

Yoga is a technique which can be traced down up to 5000 years ago (may be even longer) to live in harmony with yourself and provide the best possible foundation to come to realise your divine consciousness, the oneness with all.

How does it work?

In the western world these days you usually come across yoga classes which have a strong emphasise on the physical body, which can be a good starting point but it doesn’t have to start from there as Yoga has so many aspects and branches which to explain them all here in this brief introduction would be far too much.

Starting with Yoga ”Asana” (yoga posture) practise will lead very quickly to an enhanced capacity to coordinate the body, increased flexibility, increased body strength and endurance, balancing the metabolism, help preventing heart disease and improvement of the circulation.

Caused by the modern lifestyle many people experience back problems, digestive problems, & problems with sleep Yoga can address this conditions directly but also the nervous system, muscles & joints as well as the modern Mind which is overloaded with information, electronic pollution among the hectic, stress  and hysteria of the 21st century.

Yoga postures helps through mindful coordination of body and breath to become more aware of one self and by that we lay a foundation to become able to change the conditions of our life style, change habits and behaviours if wanted to. General health prevention, stress management and a positive impact on ones psyche becomes apparent soon after starting and with it the feeling of being reconnected to the environment we live in.

The one who only likes to achieve physical acrobatic will not come to taste the deeply integrative power of Yoga. The interaction of body, mind and spirit is the essence we can experience through practising Yoga.

Yoga has a very unique impact on our body mind and soul, integrates our physical, mental and spiritual aspects like no other discipline.

Who can do Yoga?

TKS Krishnamacharya once said: Everybody can do Yoga, regardless of age, body shape, stiff or flexible, as long you can breathe Yoga can provide stillness, freedom of mind, space in the joints and general wellbeing.

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