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The 12 month yoga teacher training will fully prepare you with the experience, skills and knowledge to facilitate a yoga class for an individual or group of people including individuals with special needs such as those in need of stress management, pregnant and prenatal mothers, senior members of the community and patients with illnesses or injuries.

Course Start Dates

  • 01/03/2018


Applicants must have practiced yoga as part of their own individual practice under a teacher for at least 18 months prior to enrolment, this needs to be documented by the teacher or teachers the applicant is practicing under. The applicant must also present a detailed preference for living a healthy yogic lifestyle in the attached application form.

By The End Of The Course You Will

  • Have a basic understanding of how the body works
  • Understand and explore a wide range of yoga asanas, different pranayamas and other hatha yoga techniques
  • Understand main yogic philosophies and educational texts inclusive of yoga sutras, Bhagavad Gita and Hatha yoga pradipika
  • Explore the importance of ethical morals and behaviours towards students and (really) all living beings
  • Expand awareness and integrate learning to develop and integrate a yogic lifestyle
  • Understand the therapeutic use of asanas
  • Explore and understand yoga’s sophisticated concept of subtle energy layers of the human body
  • Undertake integrative competent practice of Yoga routines with postures, Pranayama and Kriyas
  • Demonstrate yoga teaching methods including sequencing, class structure and use of props

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