Private Yoga Classes

Private ‘One to One’ Yoga classes are the ultimate way of learning Yoga, as the focus of the teacher is completely on you. They are a good option if you observe physical, mental or emotional ailments which you can’t or couldn’t solve on your own whether in or out of your yoga class or you simply prefer this individualised learning.

You can book this classes with the intention of doing just one class, or you can book them with a prospect of a long term commitment whether the reason is e.g. a serious injury, anxiety, depression, stress related health concerns etc. as well as if you like to seriously incorporate Yoga into your life and like to commit to a steady personal growth and development.

Andrea is experienced in teaching private yoga classes with great success for the client/student. This classes are completely tailored to your own needs regardless of what the reason for these appointments are as she can offer almost 30 years of yoga experience. Due to her over 12 years of extensive experience with emotional release through various body psychotherapy forms she is able to respectfully support if such blockages become obvious and arise through the practises of Yoga and help promote healing.

  • Assessment of goals and needs
  • Yoga Asana (Yoga postures) based on profound knowledge of Yoga anatomy
  • Pranayama (Control of life force via breath practises)
  • Meditation
  • Yoga Nidra (deep conscious yogic sleep)
  • Life style assessment and recommendations
  • Intuitive adjustments to Yoga postures
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For over 20 Years I have had a sport related spinal problem, having been to top Orthopaedic surgeons and Physio therapists and health professionals I understood most of my issues, and as such decided to take up yoga.
My Wife and I selected Andrea as our teacher, that was two years ago.
Andrea is the not only extremely competent as a yoga practitioner she seeks to understand her pupils issues and develop teaching methods accordingly, applying skill and intelligence in her teaching.
I rarely make recommendations or reviews however I have no reservations in recommending Andrea as a yoga teacher to students of all levels.

– Wayne Sankey

I am happy to answer any question  email me