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At Prana Yoga we teach at times dynamic vinyasa hatha yoga and other times looking deeper into the physical and mental layers of a static asana (posture) incorporating the principals of ashtanga (the eight limbs) which combines postures, breathing techniques & meditation.

Prana Yoga

Prana is a Sanskrit term which is central to yogic & vedantic philosophy… it describes the vital, life-sustaining force of living beings, providing vitality, energy & strength. The holistic practice at Prana Yoga Perth directs Prana into a healing and spiritual energetic flow that benefits mind, body and spirit.

We strive on sharing our experience of the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of Yoga which is a science for the integration of the body and mind into a state of harmony and a gradual development of the understanding of our spiritual nature and oneness of all.  We know that teaching a strong foundation is important to make Yoga a successful and life long choice for people. We believe that well trained teachers and the experience of our long term committed students is making Prana Yoga Perth a successful and stabile Yoga studio.

Beginners Course

Begin your life long journey with yoga. Prana Yoga will slowly help you build a strong foundation that will enable you to enjoy successful and joyful life long relationship with Yoga

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Meet Andrea Ushananda Morava

Welcome to Prana Yoga Perth, a yoga school in Perth run by Andrea Ushananda Morava, a senior teacher (Yoga Australia recognised) with over 34 years of experience.

Prana Yoga encourages students to develop a strong foundation for Pranayama & Asana with regular practice and caters to all levels. Students enjoy mental clarity, enhanced physical strength, greater flexibility, improved posture and an overall sense of mental, emotional and physical wellbeing and spiritual awareness.